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Gillmore Security Overview

gillmoresecurityGillmore Security has been protecting the people of Northeast Ohio for over 40 years.  Founded by Alan H. Gillmore, Jr. in 1971, the company is a third generation family business that provides both residential and commercial security systems.  They employ more than 40 service professionals and run a local, Five Diamond UL accredited command center.  The company is considered the premier security provider in their region, and are the the only security company in Northeast Ohio that has this kind of accreditation.  Their 24/376 dispatch and common center provides around the clock monitoring for homes and businesses across the state.  There are a number of starting packages that customers can choose from when working with Gillmore.  They utilize both landline and wireless equipment, and these products need to be purchased by the customer upfront.  Installation and activation combined cost just about $600-$700.  They employ Honeywell and First Alert systems, for the most part.  However, they will use different equipment upon request.  The monthly monitoring fee comes to around $34-$45 after installation, and the contract is typically for one year.

Gillmore Security Reviews

With decades of experience and A+ ratings with the BBB, Gilmore certainly has some good reviews online.  Because they don’t do any contracts longer than one year, customers seem to be pleased with the flexibility that comes with using Gillmore’s services.  Because most other companies require a 3-5 year contract, customers enjoy the freedom that a Gillmore Security package allows them, as well as dodging the expensive consequences of canceling early with one of these other companies.  Also, because customers are required to purchase the system before paying monitoring fees, they basically own the equipment and have the right to go elsewhere if they choose.  However, the biggest source of customer complaint is that there is absolutely no warranty on any of Gillmore’s equipment.  There isn’t even a standard one year warranty on parts and services during a customer’s contract year.  This is troubling to some customers who spend all that money upfront on installing the equipment, and now there really is nothing the ensures the continued performance of their system.  The other thing that customers note is that there’s a difficult cancellation policy after their one year contract is up.  If customers don’t call in and specifically request that their contract be cancelled then it will automatically renew for a whole extra year.  Customers find this to be very inconvenient.  On the whole, Gillmore is a great security company for the state of Ohio, if you’re willing to spend the money upfront to purchase all the equipment.

Gillmore Security Equipment

For the most part, Gillmore uses Honeywell and First Alert equipment in their customers homes.  When you purchase one of these systems, you’re basically getting a central control panel, motion sensor, 2 door sensors, key fob, as well as traditional signs and stickers.  All of this is backed by 24 hour monitoring from Gillmore’s central control station.  This is very high-end, quality equipment, but it again must be noted that there is no warranty to back up any of it.  This is troubling for new customers, but take heart that they use equipment from two manufacturers that are very trusted in the industry and have shown to produce very dependable products.

Gillmore Security Packages

gillmoresecurityGillmore Security offers packages that suit the needs of their customers.  Because these packages are customizable, it’s hard to get a clear sense on their website of what exactly you are getting.  After a thorough home evaluation, Gillmore can give you a more specific estimate of what the price of installation and monthly monitoring will be.  However, their basic package costs just about $35-$45 a month.  Because their control center is local and not outsourced to a national response center, the people of Ohio can expect faster response times when their security alarms go off.  You can always get in contact with a Gillmore associate 24/7 over the phone.  There are also extra features that you can add to the basic package which monitor specific conditions like low-temperature, high water, and carbon monoxide.

Gillmore Security Details

            *  A+ BBB rating

            *  Short One Year contract

            *  Uses Honeywell and First Alert systems

            *  Local and family operated for over 40 years

            *  Affiliations with:

                        *  Home Builders Association (HBA)

                        *  National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA)

                        *  Ohio Electronic Life Safety & Security Association (OELSSA)

                        *  Better Business Bureau (BBB)

                        *  Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

How to Contact Gillmore Security


Phone: 440/232-1000