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Geo Arm Overview

geoarmHeadquartered in Florida, Geo Arm Security offers a low cost Do It Yourself (DIY) security option. They have been in business for over 30 years and are leaders in the DIY segment of the security industry. They offer a wide range of security systems and brands that range from wired, to wireless or dual units. Customers can customize their systems and then select a monitoring program that will best meet their needs and circumstances.

To help consumers through the process they offer phone support and a range of Geo Arm Forums where current customers discuss solutions to problems. They provide detailed written instructions and a series of videos that provide step by step assistance with the installation process based on the brand chosen. They also have a tips and troubleshooting section for customers who are having issues with a currently installed system. This high level of support and assistance builds confidence that the average customer can save money through a self-installed security system.

Another unique feature with GeoArm is that they provide monitoring services worldwide, not just regionally or US based accounts. They can take over monitoring of any system and provide a wide range of brands for customers to choose from. Most companies offer one system that must be used in order to utilize their monitoring services. Geo Arm offers Honeywell, GE, DSC, 2Gig, ELK, AlarmNet,, Connect 24, Firelite, First Alert and many others.

Geo Arm Reviews

Customers like that you can sign up for Geo Arm services without a credit check or proof of social security number. They also like the low costs which can start as low as $8 a month. The biggest complaints are a sparsely staffed phone support, where it can be difficult to reach a live person after hours East Coast time. This is for the support portion of the business not the alarm monitoring.

While the tech support is offered free, it is often necessary to schedule a phone appointment in order to get adequate assistance over the phone for questions or problems that arise. The prices forequipment on the website may be higher than other sites, but they do offer a price match guarantee, enabling customers to purchase the product at the lowest possible price. Monitoring services are offered even if the equipment is not purchased through Geo Arm.

Geo Arm Equipment

The systems can be paid for upfront or with long term contracts, for customers seeking free systems. Products can be purchased a la cart or they can be purchased as a package. Packages range from $200 and up depending on which company and which features the customer chooses.

Because of the wide range of choice the customer is responsible to complete adequate research on their own to determine which systems they are most comfortable with. From there the DIY installation instructions and videos are available on line to provide the maximum amount of information to assist customers.

Equipment includes everything for basic monitoring including door and window sensors, keypads and control panels, smoke, fire and carbon monoxide protection. You can also add video surveillance, motion detectors, and glass break detectors. Z-Wave products are available for remote monitoring of thermostats, locks, lights and appliances.Medical alerts are also offered. The product selection is vast and can be combined in multiple combinations to meet the needs of both residential property, vacation homes and businesses.

Geo Arm Packages

geoarmPackages start at $8 a month for monitoring services with a 5 year contract with service over a phone line. For packages that include free equipment (installation still must be performed yourself), rates start at $25 a month. Contracts run from month to month to the standard 5 year contracts sold by competitors. The contract length will be determined by how many services are required and the amount of equipment that was purchased outright.

Geo Arm offers services that utilize a phone line, wireless security systems, cell phone based systems and dual path security systems. $40 a month is the price for free equipment with a dual path basic monitoring system. Monitoring can include burglar, fire/smoke, medical, environmental (flood, freeze or carbon monoxide), open door or window, video surveillance, and motion detection, and medical alerts. Adding additional monitoring adds to the price, yet they are still significantly cheaper than most full service competitors.

For customers needing a security system without a lot of money or good credit, it is possible to have a secure home or business at a low cost. The option of transferring a service is very beneficial for those who are out of contract and unhappy with the current provider. Geo Arm offers a wide range of options in both equipment and monitoring, which will meet the needs of nearly all consumers.

How to Contact Geo Arm


Phone: 1(877) 4-GEOARM