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Gaylord Overview

gaylorsecurityGaylord is an authorized dealer for the ADT security system. They offer the ADT services in the 48 contiguous states. The company has been installing and servicing ADT systems for almost 20 years. The focus of the company is on providing affordable security for residential and small business customers.

The company offers next day installations in many cases and regularly offers installation specials with a signed contract. ADT awarded Gaylord with their Authorized dealer award in 2012 and 2013 for having a very high customer satisfaction rating. Headquartered in Washington state they have an A rating with the BBB.

Gaylord offers basic installation which includes the LCD control panel, motion detector, door sensors, loud siren, and a backup battery in the event of power failure. Additional services include ADT pulse system which can provide video surveillance, remote access and home management. They use the Honeywell devices which provides a high quality product that customers have a lot of confidence in. Asatisfaction money back guarantee is offered that is good for 6 months. They also are able to offer relocation discounts since they are nationwide company.

The equipment that is provided by Gaylord is through ADT. Central monitoring station is outsourced through the ADT network. Installation in the 48 lower states is often subcontracted through independent contractors.

Gaylord Reviews

While they have an A rating with the BBB they have had 12 complaints nearly all involving the sales process and customer service. Both of these pieces are often outsourced by Gaylord to independent contractors making it difficult to provide reliable service and reliable training to ensure a top level of customer service. The other major complaint is the frequent equipment breakdowns which is tied to installation failures. When the company does not manage the installation and sales process adequately, poor quality installation, service and sales practices can occur.

Overall ADT is one of the largest providers of security systems in the nation and Gaylord Security is one of their largest authorized dealers. The system operations and monitoring center gets good reviews as well as the customer service center.

Gaylord Equipment

Gaylord offers a free in home security system that is paid for overtime in the monthly monitoring fee. The installation costs are $99 for a basic system installation. Installation of the pulse system with those features are additional.

The basic system includes a digital keypad. This will arm and disarm the system and is easy to program. The system provides access to police, fire and medic. Contact sensors which can be used on doors and windows and other entry points. The motion detector includes a pet ready feature which prevents pets from setting of the alarm. The remote keychain can arm or disarm the system and also has a medical alert panic button.

The siren included in the system is created to make a loud decibel sound that is designed to frighten off intruders and alert neighbors. The backup battery for the system will keep the alarm functioning in the event of a power outage. Yard signs and window decals are also provided to discourage home invaders.

Gaylord Packages

gaylordsecurityADT operates four command centers around the US to provide comprehensive 24/7 monitoring for your home or business. There are three monitoring bundles customers can choose from depending on the level of security required.

The standard monitoring bundle includes protection using a telephone landline. This phone line signals to the central monitoring station in the event an alarm is triggered. The system is easy enough for both adults and children to operate.

The plus monitoring system provides the ability of two way communication. The customer can speak directly with the monitoring center through a built in intercom in the control panel. This is useful when an alarm is triggered or a medical emergency occurs. The microphone in the panel can detect voices from up to 75 feet away.

The premium monitoring option provides cellguard, which allows customers to use the system through wireless cell service rather than a landline phone.

Additional services provided through the pulse technology include remote access, video surveillance and home automation. These services allow customers to monitor their system remotely through an internet connection on their smartphone, tablet or computer. These additional features will impact the monthly monitoring fees. Typical monthly monitoring fees are around $44.99.

Gaylord is one of the largest ADT authorized dealers in the nation offering affordable systems for both individuals and small businesses.

How to Contact Gaylord


Phone: 866-362-7928