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Forward Home Security Overview

forward-home-security-logoForward Home Security is a dependable provider that not only offers a number of security packages to their customers, but also use their own security services themselves.  This is a nice added sentiment, considering that most other home security providers do not make this claim.  They use the latest technology to keep their customers safe, and offer some innovative devices that provide a comprehensive level of safety.  Their alarm systems are backed by 24 hour monitoring services at a reasonable price.  They even have the latest in home automation systems that lead to more ease and convenience in the home. Forward is a company that continues to grow, and their efforts have won them a spot in the 2012 Inc 500I5000 listing.  They are partnered with Smith Monitoring, and provide all the amenities that their sister company does.  The innovative SMART+HOME technology is time-saving, and customers receive free updates well after their initial installation.

Forward Reviews

The reviews for Forward seem to be pretty positive on the internet, and customers note that the tech support and equipment that the company provides are top-notch.  The staff seems to be charming and helpful, and can be reached at any hour of the day or night.  Technical staff makes sure that new users completely understand their system and how to maintain it for years to come.  The only downside here is that there don’t seem to be any accreditation the Better Business Bureau, which is a time-honored certification for home security.  But, that being said, they’re very clear about their pricing online and over the phone, and this is great in comparison to companies that seem to leave customers in the dark until they have a consultation.  They offer comprehensive packages that can fit the needs of most homes, and their equipment seems to be sound and trustworthy.  Unfortunately, there is no mention on the website about warranties of any kind, as well as no note of how many years Forward has been operating.

Forward Equipment

A contract with Forward provides everything you need in terms of equipment to keep your home protected at all times.  They offer parts like door contacts, backup power supply, pet-friendly motion detectors, interior sirens, keypads, control panels, and panic buttons.  They also offer transformers, control boards, backlit LCD keypads, infrared motion detectors, widow decals, and a yard sign.  Their equipment seems to work quite well, but there’s no mention of who their supplier might be.  There’s also no mention of warranty on these products.  All that being said, the SMART+HOME technology is pretty incredible and the mobile monitoring services are the latest in home security innovation.  Smith Monitoring is known for their great products, so it seems like Forward would be using the same security devices.  Often the customer gets a chance to choose what brand of security equipment that gets installed in their homes, but because the packages that Forward provides are pretty cut and dry, there’s a chance that you’ll have to accept whatever it is that they provide.  A technician will be able to tell you about each component upon installation, and instruct you how to use the system and maintain it.  Many components of the Forward system are wireless and digital, so this adds an extra bit of convenience.

Forward Home Security Packages

forwardhomesecurityThere are three different packages in the SMART+HOME line, and these seem to be average in price compared to other security providers.  Their basic plan is just about $46 a month, and that doesn’t include the price of installation.  SMART+HOME allows for email and text notifications when something triggers your home monitoring system.  Another great package is the SMART+HOME ENERGY system which is $55 a month.  And finally the SMART+ HOME PLUS is $65 per month, and provides great video surveillance that you can view from your phone, computer, or tablet.  The cameras are a great option if you’re looking to see your front and back doors, entertainment room, or children’s room.  These are very comprehensive packages, but it remains to be seen how customizable they are.  The latest state-of-the-art home security technology is employed in all of these systems.  All in all, one of these packages should suit the needs and desires of the safety-oriented home owner.

Forward Details:

            *  Partners with Smith Monitoring

            *  Comprehensive HOME+SMART packages

            *  24 hour surveillance

            *  2012 Inc 500I5000 listing

            *  Offers mobile home monitoring

            *  Great for homeowners who want video surveillance

How to Contact Forward Home Security


Phone: 888-646-0860