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Five Alarm Security Overview

fivealarmsecurityFive Alarm Security’s headquarters are located in Carlsbad, California and have been in business for over ten years serving individuals and businesses. The security company is family owned and operated and provides their customers with high quality equipment and superior customer service. They feel every customer is unique and needs personalized security systems to meet their specific needs. Therefore, Five Alarm Security will make sure you have a security system that will meet the needs of your property.

They use the Honeywell equipment, which is a trusted brand of technology. Five Alarm Security trains their employees to know the ins and outs of Honeywell technology is order to provide customers with a memorable experience. Due to the superior monitoring technology clients will feel secure and protected in all emergencies by being able to count on service when service is needed. Proper installation reduces the number of customer complaints and false alarms.

The company offers free security evaluations and will install and monitor equipment. They service California customers and provide the latest technology to protect your property.

Five Alarm Security Reviews

Five Alarm Security genuinely cares about their customers and offers security systems ataffordable prices. If clients choose to monitor their security system by smart phone the price is double the basic service. This is less competitive compared to other security companies within the area. Yet, even with a higher price for this specific feature customers rave about the high level of customer service that is provided.

Customers feel that the sales staff make appropriate recommendations and the installation process is very profession with the install being done right the first time, reducing service calls. The company will install any level of security for the home or business. They will also continually provide upgrades as advances in technology occur or customers’ needs change.

The security company is honest with their prices and will not raise them once a price is quoted. If there is a problem the owner is available frequently allowing you to have the problem resolved quickly rather than speaking with several different departments about one issue.

Five Alarm Security strives to make installing a security system simple and even if the job takes longer, the company will not charge the individual or business more.

Five Alarm Security Equipment

Five Alarm Security can protect individuals and businesses with their technology. By purchasing a security system from Five Alarm Security customers can reduce their home insurance payments by up to 20%. Sales representatives and technicians will help clients find a security system that works for their needs.

Honeywell equipment is high quality and will offer its customers reliable and powerful security systems to provide safety and protection within the area the system monitors.  Five Alarm Security installs security alarm equipment that is UL-listed. Each technician is thoroughly trained to ensure all customers with legendary experience. Some of the equipment offered for individual residencies include: Total Control, Lynx Touch, Tuxedo Touch, Honeywell Vista 21iP, and Honeywell 4G Cellular Communicator. Each piece of equipment installed has a lifetime warranty.

For businesses, Five Alarm Security offers Fire Alarms, Access Control, CCTV Video Surveillance, and Burglar Alarms. Sales Representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.This company also strives to resolve any problems that may occur quickly and efficiently to ensure their customers satisfaction.

Five Alarm Security Packages

fivealarmsecurityEvery security system is personalized depending on the location of where the security system will be installed. Prices will also vary based on what is needed.

Currently, there is a special for technicians to place high definition video security systems within the residence or business. Customer’s high definition videos provide users with surveillance on the Cloud and can be installed for only $999. When the high definition special package is purchased customers will receive four cameras that have 720p megapixels, one 2TB NAS, and one PoE Switch 4 port. This special entails a contract for 60 months and costs $20 for a channel including NAS.

There is also a monitored security special which includes a full security system. When you purchase a security system through Five Alarm Security customers can save $99 and will receive a remote key fob free with purchase. Once the security system is purchased, clients will also receive a touchscreen keypad, a WiFi communicator, three wireless entry sensors and one wireless PIR motion sensor. All of this equipment will be installed by Five Alarm Security’s technicians allowing the system to be installed correctly. This special requires customers to sign a 36 month contract and starts at a monthly cost of $32.99.

How to Contact Five Alarm Security


Phone: 1-866-525-2765