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EMC Security Overview

emc-logoEMC Security offers home and business security at an affordable price with no long term contracts. The company has been in business since 1998 and is now serving over 70,000 homes and businesses in their Georgia market.

The company is focused on providing top level customer service along with a central monitoring service that is second to none. The call center has won multiple certifications and has achieved a 5 Diamond Certification from CSAA. They offer a redundant monitoring service which partners with a central monitoring service in Gainesville Florida. Redundant monitoring means the two centers monitor calls at both locations, simultaneously. This unique partnership provides additional security for customers. In the event of a widespread natural disaster or emergency the alternate call center will be able to take the calls from both areas and provide uninterrupted emergency services. This unique feature provides a higher level of service and ensures the safety and security of every customer.

They offer a free in home consultation to determine your home or business security needs. The latest technology is available for customers including theft protection, fire protection, medical emergency services, wireless technology that does not require a landline and remote access which provide customers with live information,through an internet connection, regarding the security of their property.

EMC offers equipment for homes and businesses, systems for new construction and they can take over your existing monitoring system and provide you with top notch service at the lowest prices in the industry. It is possible to receive a home owner’s insurance discount of up to 20% by using the EMC monitoring system.

EMC Reviews

EMC has an A+ rating with the BBB. Customers tend to be very happy with the professionalism of the employees during the audit process. They feel the company is making good recommendations and seeking to protect their property. The customer service call center, the central monitoring system and response times when alarms are triggered also receive high ratings. The free consultation is done in a professional manner with no high pressure sales techniques that tend to turn off customers.

The biggest complaint comes upon cancellation. With the EMC monitoring there is no long term contract. The company therefore gives customers the option of purchasing or renting the communications box needed to connect with the central monitoring system. If the customer choosesto rent the box for a $7 a month additional fee, the box must be returned to the company upon cancellation. When a customer cancels the service without returning the box, the customer will be charged for the cost of the communications box. If the customer purchases the box there is no additional monthly fee and no concern over returning the box in the event of a cancellation. If the box is promptly returned upon cancellation, no additional fees are incurred.

EMC Equipment

EMC’s primary focus is on providing a top of the line monitoring system rather than the systems themselves. Customers must purchase the security system of their choice, which EMC will provide the monitoring services for. In addition to security systems, EMC can provide the equipment for remote access and management of security systems, they provide entertainment systems, home audio systems, multi room audio systems, and home theatre installation.

For home security systems they provide wireless systems that do not require a landline phone. The home systems include both security and fire and smoke protection. They also offer home management systems which allows you to monitor your property 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world, where you have an internet connection.

For the business systems they provide a top of the line monitoring that includes both theft protection and fire and smoke protection. In addition to the basic services the company offers video surveillance, access control systems, and systems for multifamily properties. The access control systems provides monitoring of when employees enter and exit the building and certain areas of the building as you designate.

EMC Packages

emcsecurityPackages start at $16.95 a month for basic monitoring. This is based on the customer providing the equipment and only the monitoring services being needed. The system can be customized from that point depending on which monitoring services are needed and what features are desired. Adding items like surveillance cameras, remote access and email or text alerts will add to the basic cost of monitoring.

How to Contact EMC

Website: http://emcsecurity.com/

Phone: 770-963-0305