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EMC Medical Alert System Overview

emc-logoFounded back in year 1998, EMC Security has successfully established itself as the leading security solutions provider in Georgia. To date, the company is servicing more than 70,000 businesses and homes. They have steadily grown their business and maintained a stellar reputation through consistent delivery of exceptional customer service.

The company is known for offering highly advanced technology-driven solutions, which made it possible for them to deliver best in class monitoring service and security systems – all tailored according to the specifications of their clients. Among their core services include home automation, remote system control, video monitoring along with other connected services. These offerings are designed to complement and enhance the lifestyle of their clients, thereby driving value by ensuring optimum safety, security and peace of mind.

The company also maintains a team of highly trained, seasoned technicians and security experts that all possess the highest trainings and certifications to provide 24/7 assistance. Their major products are geared towards offering individuals a good, solid support to allow them to live independently. This is especially popular among the senior population and people with medical conditions and disabilities. With EMC Security’s products and services, it is now possible to live alone and have ready, round the clock access to emergency assistance when needed.

The monitoring service is delivered through a pendant device that allows its user to establish a 2-way communication with an emergency services specialist at a touch of a button. With a simple touch of a button, seniors, people with disabilities and ailments can request fast response to medical emergencies from anywhere around and inside the home.

With a compact pendant that is no bigger than a credit card, emergency assistance is within reach as long as the pendant or device is within range of its base station. Aside from selling trusted products from popular, trusted brands, they also handle the installation and programming to ensure quality is protected.

EMC Medical Alert System Reviews

The company is not BBB accredited and was not given a rating. However, a look at the BBB database reveals that there have been no complaints filed against the company over the past three years. So while there are no published testimonials, feedbacks and reviews on the products and services rendered by EMC Security, the fact that there have been no formal complaints filed against the company is a positive reflection of its commitment to quality service.

EMC Medical Alert System Equipment

Among the most popular products offered by the company is their state of the art line of video surveillance systems. Over the years, the company has closely worked with the leading brands and manufactures to come up with smart, effective systems specifically designed for commercial entities such as public arenas, retail stores, government buildings, school systems and industrial facilities.

Their CCTV solutions and video surveillance systems have advanced capabilities such as covert installations, fixed and PTZ cameras, high resolution, wide and rugged dynamic range, cyber dome and legend, IP solutions, video analytics, data storage systems, video controllers and switches and so much more.

The company fully understands that each business faces unique security challenges. This is why they take time to learn their operations in order to better implement security systems that can effectively prevent and deter internal crimes, property damage, shoplifting, inventory shortage and other operational challenges. In order to confront these risks head on, a business should invest in a reliable and risk-appropriate solution.

They also offer access control for basic to complex applications. Their technical team can design a tailored access control system that is user-friendly, reliable and powerful to keep up with the growing challenges and complexities of modern business operations.

EMC Medical Alert System Packages

emcWhat makes EMC Security unique? It is their willingness to work with their clients to assess unique security requirements. They have a comprehensive line of highly advanced intrusion alarms, video surveillance and monitoring services to secure any home, building or facility.

As an established service provider, you can be sure they have established processes to make sure their monitoring service and support are available round the clock, all year round. Their home security services starts as low $16.95 per month and unlike other companies, their subscriptions do not require any long-term contracts.

In addition, the company offers on-site consultation, in order to thoroughly assess and determine the ideal security system for residential or commercial application. This ensures you are only quoted for the specific service or solution you use.

How to Contact EMC Medical Alert System

Website: http://emcsecurity.com/medicalalerts

Phone: 770.963.0305