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Electronix Systems Overview

electronix-logoElectronix Systems is a Long Island-based securities company with over 30 years experience serving the New York metro area.  They offer a variety of services for home and businesses including burglary detection, CCTV and digital video recording, card access systems, and armed guard response.  Electronix Systems sells and installs products manufactured by a variety of brands, with each system tailored to fit the security needs of each home or business.  Systems can be hardwired or wireless and employ Internet monitoring, outdoor detection, and remote keypad control.  Electronix Systems is not affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, but has received many positive customer reviews from home and business owners throughout New York.

Electronix Systems Reviews

Electronix Systems customers enjoy the benefits of choosing from a variety of systems with components that are specifically tailored to their home or business.  With so many products and service options to choose from, Electronix Systems is able to service a variety of customers including residential, commercial, industrial, and government.  Their installation and service staff are extensively trained to meet all customer needs, and customers appreciate the fast response times and informative troubleshooting.  Monthly monitoring costs are affordable for most customers, though upfront costs for equipment and installation can be costly depending on the system.  Though most customers are pleased with their service with the company, the lack of a BBB rating after 36 years in business leaves some room for skepticism as to their credibility.

Electronix Systems Equipment

Electronix Systems sells a variety of home security equipment for homes and businesses manufactured by multiple brands.  Their website does not provide a detailed list as to equipment offerings, so interested customers are best off inquiring with the company directly as to which offerings will best fit their home or business.  Though Electronix Systems does sell some plug and play equipment, most hardware must be installed by one of the company’s experienced technicians.

Electronix Systems Home Security Packages

electronixpsA basic Electronix Systems home security package includes: a Honeywell keypad control panel, 3 door/window opening sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 remote key fob, and an interior siren.  Things like GSM radio backup and digital video recording services are also available at an additional cost.  New customers can expect to pay at least $299 for their initial system and installation.  Monthly monitoring costs start at $20 and go up with additional security features.  Electronix Systems also offers high-end technology for commercial, industrial, and government customers such as fingerprint and retinal biometric entry readers, in addition to on-site security guard systems, something most competitors fail to provide.

Electronix Systems Details

Living on Long Island or anywhere near New York City is a security concern in and of itself.  For that reason, there are few better companies than Electronix Systems for customers in New York looking to optimize the security on their home, apartment, condo, or small business.  Whereas most security companies limit customers to one or two equipment packages with limited add-ons, Electronix Systems works with each customer to find the brand and type of equipment that best suits their needs.  This ranges from basic motion sensor and door/window sensor connects to full house CCTV monitoring, armed guard response, and much more.

How to Contact Electronix Systems

Website: http://www.electronixsystems.com/

Phone: (631) 271-4000