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DynaFire Inc. Overview

Dynafire is a Florida based security company. The company has only in business for a few years but it has been quite successful in its short period of existence. The company was established in 2004 andthey offer services to the Florida area. DynaFire offers security solutions for both businesses and residential clients and the company has its headquarters in Casselberry, Florida.

Even though the company is relatively new to the security business, they have already landed several multimillion-dollar contracts, which shows that the company is steadily becoming a major player in the industry.

They use a unique system that is not used by many other security companies, which is supported by completely wireless DMP equipment. The company owns its own wireless mesh network that covers most of Florida.  Their basic system consists of a touch panel (LCD), siren, key fob, 3 door sensors and a smart phone application to control the system.

DynaFire Inc. Reviews

DynaFire reviews that are available on the Internet are generally positive about the company. One thing that clients love is the flexible terms of the contracts and the ownership of equipment. Another thing that they are pleased with is the good response time for monitored service emergencies. The company does not penalize the clients for cancelled contracts and they have top-notch equipment, as well as short contract periods of just one year.

DynaFire does not seem to have a complete website where potential buyers can leave their reviews but the company offers a number on their website where you can reach them. The fact that they already have over 4000 clients using their wireless security systems means that people do trust them. The fact that the company has not been in existence for very long many times means they are very competitive with their pricing and offerings. This is a huge plus for those clients looking for companies that will offer the best value possible in the security market.

DynaFire Inc. Equipment

DynaFire Inc. offers various types of equipment to help keep you secure. The company utilizes completely wireless DMP security systems, which use the company’s wireless mesh network that covers most of Florida.First is the LCD panel that is a touchscreen design that you use to arm or disarm the system. There is also a powerful siren to provide a loud deterrent for potential criminals once triggered by the system. There are several sensors that will detect unauthorized entries and trigger the alarm. The company also offers a smartphone application to allow for easy and remote control of the security system.

DynaFire Inc. Home Security Packages

This is the primary business of DynaFire Inc. The security packages availablepurchase, activation and installationis completely dependent on the client’s needs and preferences.The company offers a comprehensive security system for around $600 to $750. This is followed by monthly payments for monitoring at $30. The monthly payments are payable quarterly and the basic contract covers one year.In case of expiration of the contract the company does not attempt to reclaim the system, you own it.If the client decides to cancel the contract upon expiration there are no penalties charged. Once the upfront costs are paid, the client takes over ownership of the system.

The basic system offered by the company comes with a siren for deterring would be burglars, an LCD touchpanel for control of the system in terms of arming and disarming the system. A key fob is also provided that will also help control the system remotely. 3 door sensors are provided to detect and hopefully deter any unauthorized entry. There is also a smartphone app that will help you control the system remotely from your phone.

Dynafire Inc. Details

Dynafire Inc. was established in 2004 and is a company that is built on innovation. In fact, the company has its own wireless mesh network that covers most of Florida.By controlling its own network, the company is able to relay alarm signals to the control center faster than over normal phone lines. The system is not affected by lightning like phone lines usually are, which is important since Florida has a lot of lightning activity.

 How to Contact DynaFire

Website: http://www.dynafire.us/

Phone: (407) 830-6500