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DRC Security Services Overview

drc-logoDRC Security is a division of the DRC Group, and they’re located in Mobile, Alabama.  They offer residential and commercial security systems to thousands of homes and businesses in the Alabama Gulf Coast area in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.  Most new customers with DRC will get set up with a cellular 2 GIG system that uses wireless technology.  It’s pretty affordable, and for just $129 you can get your system installed and activated in no time.  The agreement is a 36 month contract and monitoring fees will generally be $55 a month to run this system.  This wireless system is very comprehensive, and most households will find that what is provided in this package is fully sufficient to protect their home.  The staff at DRC are fully trained and licensed, and it’s always easy to reach a live customer service representative right over the phone.

DRC Security Services Reviews

Customers seem to be very pleased with the service that DRC Security provides, and are happy for the most part that they don’t have to pay for the equipment right upfront.  The thing that customers don’t like is the high monthly monitoring fee that comes with choosing DRC.  Typically most companies will charge anywhere from $30-$40 a month for monitoring a security system, however, DRC has bumped that up to $55 a month.  That price can even increase should you choose to add extra amenities to your system such as extended service agreements, and the option of controlling your system from your smart phone.  The limited warranty offer of this system is another point of contention.  Even though customers are required to sign a 3 year contract, their equipment is only under warranty for one year.  This also only includes one service call for the entire year.  This is one of the worst things about DRC’s security system.  This bare bones warranty policy pales in comparison to the warranties that other security companies provide. That being said, if you have the money to spare, then going with DRC is a good choice for those who live in the Southern Alabama Gulf Coast area.  It’s also a great choice if you don’t want to purchase a whole system upfront.  They also provide completely local service which always means faster response times.

DRC Security Services Equipment

The high quality wireless systems that DRC Security provides come complete with a control panel, siren, backup battery, key fob, 4 window/door contacts, and a motion sensor.  You also get the official DRC Security signs and stickers.  This is a great package, and it’s nice to get 4 window and door contacts instead of 2.  For most homes this will be sufficient for ample protection, but should you need more then it’s possible to add extras, if you’re willing to pay the increased monitoring fee.  It does not say on DRC’s website what brand of equipment they use, so it’s likely that they may have a couple of companies that they favor.  For the most part, the technology and performance of a wireless security system can’t be beat, and it may be a problem to go with DRC if you’re looking for a traditional landline system.  Their trained technicians will take care of all the installation and make sure that you fully understand how to operate your system when it’s up and running.

DRC Security Services Home Security Packages

drcThe DRC wireless package is pretty basic and comprehensive.  As was stated above, it’s a very low price to get the system installed, and always wireless systems are much easier to install than traditional landline systems.  The basic package is only for security, so should you like to add other features like fire, carbon monoxide, or temperature detection and control, then these can be included in your package for an additional fee.  When a trained technician comes to your home for an appraisal they will be able to tell at that time what extra amenities might be a smart addition for your home.  Please keep in mind that all these additions will amp-up the monthly monitoring fee, which is already quite high.  However, the good news is that you don’t have to buy this equipment upfront, and that will save you a huge chunk of money.

DRC Security Services Details

*  Headquarters in Mobile, Alabama

*  Serves the Alabama Gulf Coast region

*  24 hour monitoring center

*  A division of The DRC Group

*  Locally owned and operated

*  Wireless security packages

How to Contact DRC Security Services

Website: http://www.drcsecurity.com/

Phone: 800-721-1708