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Devcon Security Overview

Devcon-Logo-FinalRecently Devcon security was acquired by the huge company known as ADT.  But Devcon has been around for years providing residential and commercial services across the United States.  There are a wide variety of alarm systems that they sell, including state of the art wireless systems that will function even during a power outage.     Devcon prides themselves on providing the best electronic security, interactive home, and business automation services.  There are currently 6 million customers who use Devcon/ADT services.  They’re staffed by nearly 16,000 employees, and boast of the industry’s largest sales, installation, and service field force.  Their robust monitoring networks are designed to work perfectly in any home or business setting.  They also provide top notch home health services as well.  As everyone’s lives are becoming more mobile, Devcon wants to work with this lifestyle by making their security systems incredibly mobile as well.

ADT Security Reviews

There are some pretty good customer reviews about Devcon, before it was acquired by ADT.  They offer advanced and thorough security systems, and their firm seems to operate quite well.  With all of their high-tech solutions, like cell phone, wireless, and rapid-response monitoring system, customers seem to feel well taken care of.  They also have a 24 hour support staff that people find helpful.  Their reputation is quite good thanks to their A+ rating on BBB.  There is a broken link on their website to see “brand locations” which makes it difficult for the customer to figure out where they’re getting their service from.  There’s also no search function on their website, which makes it very hard to maneuver and find what you’re looking for.  Also, for those who have loyalty to particular brands, it’s hard to locate big names like GE and Honeywell products on their site.  All in all, Devcon has a great track record and most customers seem pleased with the continued service.  It will be interesting to see what happens now that Devcon has been acquired by ADT.  Because it’s such an enormous company, it will be fascinating to see if Devcon’s customer service will go down or up.  it’s also curious as to why this happened, as Devcon appeared to be very successful for a number of years.  However, it looks like they’re going to still provide the same quality equipment, and their employees will continue to work in their branches, but now under the name of ADT.

ADT Security Equipment

Devcon provides a wide variety of products for detecting fire, carbon monoxide, burglary, and other incidents.  They also provide medical alert equipment.  They can install the Simon XT security system by GE and the ADEMCO system by Honeywell.  These are both state of the art packages that are at the cutting edge of today’s security technology.  Customers seem to be very pleased with how all this equipment operates, including the mobile technology and wireless features.  These are some of the most advanced systems you can use today, and professional installation of all parts is a part of the Devco package.  There’s also tech support when something malfunctions, and all technicians are trained and fully professional.  For the most part, GE and ADEMCO can be considered the best equipment manufacturers in the country.  Their parts seem to stand the test of time, and they’re always creating new innovations in the realm of home security.

ADT Security Packages

devconsecurityDevcon’s home monitoring package has received a 5 star rating from the Central Station Alarm Association.  You can customize what equipment you use with your package to suit your needs.  They have various packages that cover you for fire, carbon monoxide, burglary, medical, and so much more.  It’s unclear on their website as to how the pricing for each package works, so it seems like it is necessary to have a consultation to get a better idea of what the monthly fee will look like, cost of installation, and other fees.  Because they use the latest wireless technology, installation is much faster and easier, but sometimes these systems can cost a bit more per month.  All in all, it looks like they provide everything that is needed for standard protection of your home, and allow you to monitor and control your system from your mobile device.

ADT Security Details

            *  A+ Better Business Bureau rating

            *  5 Star Rating from Central Station Alarm Association

            *  Knowledgeable and helpful staff

            *  Recently acquired by security giant ADT

            *  Services provided across the country

            *  Mobile and Wireless security technology

            *  Serves 6 million customers across the country

How to Contact ADT Security


Phone: 855.280.3311