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DependOne Overview

dependone-logoDependOne is a company committed to enhancing the wellness and lifestyle of the senior population by continually innovating and providing the best technology can offer to help them gain greater independence, security and safety.

With great emphasis on reliability and quality, they are able to help seniors as well as their family members enjoy peace of mind through practical and technology-driven solutions to make day to day living easier even for people with disabilities and ailment. Through the years, the company has been able to grow its operations and client base in providing best in class support and service.

DependOne has its one trademark Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) that allows seniors to connect and maintain an independent lifestyle. This monitoring service comes with the best products that are specifically designed for easy use and handling for senior members of the society.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company continually provides premium quality products and services all throughout the United States, serving anyone who is needed of a medical alert and monitoring service. Their goal is to empower seniors by helping them maintain an independent lifestyle and 24/7 connectivity to a medical monitoring center. This offers great freedom at a very reasonable monthly rate.

The company has a line of life safety systems that are considered to be the best in the homecare technology. These devices are specifically designed to be easy to use and waterproofed in order to ensure maximum durability. These devices are supported by round the clock operators on standby and ready to provide emergency assistance via text, telephone or even email. This is the reason why the company has been able to successfully retain its top spot and earned the trust of families, seniors and health care professionals across the country.

The company takes great pride in offering rapid response during emergency situations, all handled by trained and certified specialists to ensure appropriate help is dispatched when needed. By supporting independent living, more and more people have continued to enjoy the opportunity of “aging in place” thereby offering American families a better alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities through the use of medical alarm systems.

DependOne Reviews

According to BBB database the company is accredited but was not given a rating. There was an alert set by BBB claiming that the BBB accredited business seal should not have been used on the specific company location that has not been accredited as this reference is a clear prohibition of their policies.

However, based on the BBB database, there were no complaints filed against the company over the past three years. This is a good reflection of the company’s commitment and dedication to offer consistent service to its clients across Austin, Texas.

DependOne Equipment

The company offers a comprehensive line of active devices that are all designed to enhance the lifestyle of people with disabilities, particularly seniors. One of the most in demand products is the 2-way voice pendant. This product features the advanced 2-way voice technology that allows users to directly communicate and take instructions from a trained response team from their monitoring system.

It is however important that the wearer is within short distance from the base station. The pendant is also designed to be waterproof, which is perfect for individuals who love to do some outdoor tasks such as gardening.

It also comes with a long battery life, with a life span of up to 10 months. The kit also comes with an extra Li123 pendant battery. In addition, there is a battery indicator that will tell you when it’s time to replace the battery. The maximum coverage of the system is up to 600 feet, which explains why it is the leading choice among assisted living facilities and hospitals across the United States.

DependOne Packages

dependoneThe medical alert system is offered in two ways, the POTS or the Plain Old Telephone Service or the use of a DSL service. The monthly subscription service include a 2-way voice pendant, 24/7 support from a UL certified monitoring center and trained specialists on standby to provide assistance.

The responders from the monitoring service will not only arrange the dispatch of appropriate assistance, they are also trained to provide medical histories as well as detailed situation status to speed up the process. This offers an invaluable support during emergencies and offer greater peace of mind for the family members. The system is ideal for seniors who prefer to live alone and maintain their independence.

How to Contact DependOne


Phone: 800-825-7167