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Central Security Group Overview

central-logoCentral security Group has been in business for over 30 years. The company offers its services in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Tennessee, Carolina, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Kentucky. However, the company’s main office can be found in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Central Security provides home security solutions as well as business security services, which includesnew installations and upgrades of existing security systems. Their basic system consists of a burglar alarm, fire alarm, 2-way voice feature, cellular as well as interactive security system. The company uses hardware for their security systems from well-known and trusted brands such as Honeywell, 2Gig, GE and DSC.

They offer monitoring services to all of their clients 24 hours a day as well as emergency response dispatch. Central Security’s systems also allow a user interface that lets the client remotely view a video feed of their home or businessusing the internet via a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Central Security Group Reviews

Reviews of Central Security Group are generally positive. Online reviews indicate clients have been very satisfied with the installation technicians. Several reviews stated the technicians were knowledgeable, friendly] and cleaned up after themselves.

Lifetime support for all products and prompt customer service was commonly mentioned as strong points of the service,according to Central’s customers.

Many clients mentioned it was nice to have devices from multiple brands available to choose from and made it easy for them to find the right system for their needs. Excellent customer service, wide range of choice and knowledgeable staff members seemed to be a common theme in most of the reviews.

Central Security Group Equipment

The company makes use of well-known brands for its security system hardware and software needs. Honeywell, GE, DSC and 2Gig have all been in the security market for many years and provide flexible quality products. All systems come with a central control panel and are capable of add-on features such as remote client video monitoring, remote arm/disarm and panic functions.

Basic equipment offered by Central Security Group falls into six basic categories; fire, burglar, interactive services, 2-way systems, and cellular. These components or services may be combined with different packages depending on the individual needs of the business or home.

Central Security Group Home Security Packages

centralCentral Security Group offers comprehensive home security packages with plenty of options for all types of homes. Their systems touch oncompany several levels of protection namely, burglary, fire, 2-way systems voice communication, interactive services and cellular. The company offers unique alarm functions that can be individually programmed for different purposes with 5 types of programmable alarms that will trigger various responses.

The burglar alarm will initiate a response from the monitoring department confirming if there is an actual break-in or if it is simply a false alarm. If they are unable to get in contact with you, they will contact police and the people you have listed as emergency contacts in your file.

The residential fire alarm will prompt a response of the monitoring department by calling the client for verification. If there is no response within 90 seconds, they automatically call the fire department. If there is still no contact, they will notify your emergency contacts.

The hold-up panic button will elicit a response from the system by calling local law enforcement immediately. At that point, the monitoring team allows the police to fully investigate the matter unless the client contacts them. This avoids potential intruders from being tipped off that law enforcement is on the way.

The commercial fire alarm will elicit a response from the monitoring team by calling the fire department. This is mandated by fire code. The team will then proceed to contact the client at their place of business, home or cell phone.

While the company does not require any upfront fee at installation, they do charge a $39.99per month for monitoring, with an average contract length of 3 years. Central Security offers several different types of contracts and security packages, which can be custom built to fit your business or home.

Central Security Group Details

  • Central security group is a security company out of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • The company has over 30 years of experience in the security business
  • Offer several brands of security systems to ensure maximum flexibility for clients
  • Main security system features are burglary, fire, 2-way systems, cellular capable and interactive security systems
  • The company offers flexible billing schedules including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually

 How to Contact Central Security Group

Website: http://www.centralsecuritygroup.com/

Phone: 888-642-4567