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Central-Alarm Overview

ca_large_logoCentral-Alarm is a Tucson, Arizona-based alarm company that claims to be able to suit any budget for the needs of commercial and residential security, as well as guard services.  They not only serve Tucson, but they also work with all Southern Arizona regions.  They offer various different systems for their customers at home or in the office, and these include restricted access systems, security guard services, wireless alarm systems, camera surveillance services, fire alarm systems, as well as their new Eagle Eye Verified products.  They provide specialty services like vacation coverage, pet friendly alarm systems, and they boast of the fastest response time in the industry.  Central has been serving the people of Arizona since 1939, and is locally staffed at their UL listed FM approved monitoring station with 24/7 coverage.  Central-Alarm is perhaps considered the most popular security company in Southern Arizona, and they do take great pride in their success in that region.

Central-Alarm Reviews

For the most part, customers seem quite pleased with the equipment and services that Central-Alarm supplies.  Reviewers consistently note that the technicians and on the phone support from Central is prompt, professional, and quite helpful.  Their equipment seems to be very durable, and their packages are reasonably priced.  Since Central has recently updated their equipment, the only complaint might be from those who are still on the old system and need to re-install the new equipment for an update.  Because there are so many new innovations in home security equipment, it’s challenging to always have to upgrade everything when the company decides to step it up.  Aside from that, both residential and commercial customers seem to be pleased with Central, and happy with the company’s loyalty to Southern Arizona.  It’s nice to see a security provider that does such a pleasing job even without a lot of competition.  It seems that perhaps Central-Alarm doesn’t need to perform as well as they do, because it’s not entirely possible to lose business to too many other places.  That being said, they still maintain good business practices and show a desire to keep their company up to date.

Central-Alarm Equipment

Tucson is unfortunately having a problem with rising residential burglary, and Central-Alarm has responded to the problem by stepping up their equipment.  They provide finely updated burglar alarms, full wireless systems, fire protection, pet friendly alarms, and they’ll even work with you if you already have a system installed.   Although, it’s suggested that if you have a very old system that you upgrade it to Central’s top-notch equipment.  Professional consultants are responsible for choosing what equipment is right for you based upon your needs and home security goals.  All of their products are now Eagle Eye Verified, or EEV.  This is a very good sign, and it means that their products are up to all the current standards of excellence.  Many customers don’t realize what a problem it is to not update your security products.  Not only do they get old and not function as well, but the latest technology is required to keep your home or commercial property as safe as possible.  Central’s equipment is installed by professionals, and they work through your home’s AC system to place all the devices and wiring.

Central-Alarm Home Security Packages

central-alarmThe Home Security packages that Central-Alarm provides are pretty standard, but they also do a great job of customizing to the specific needs of your home.  Their commercial packages seem much more state-of-the-art, and include closed circuit television systems that are based on factors like lighting, weather, and mounting.  Complex systems are available for banks, hospitals, and other commercial applications.  The home package will give you all you need to modestly protect your home, with the highest quality equipment.  What there seems to be no sign of are the advanced and intuitive systems that we find elsewhere where customers can link their mobile devices to their security systems to get immediate updates, as well as being able to control home settings remotely.  However, should customers seek a more standard and traditional system in Arizona, then Central-Alarm seems to be a safe bet.

Central-Alarm Details

            *  Fully licensed, bonded, and insured company

            *  Listed with UL, a global independent safety science company

            *  FM Global approved

            *  A proven track record and services that are considered affordable

            *  Experienced consultants for residential, commercial, and industrial properties

            *  A trusted Arizona company since 1939

How to Contact Central-Alarm

Website: http://www.central-alarm.com/

Phone: 520-441-8713