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Cannon Security Overview

protect-logoLocated in Saint John, New Brunswick, Cannon Automation Security Experts offers interactive security with home automation systems.  The top-of-the-line security technology that they use is what makes them stand apart in Canada as one of the most cutting-edge security companies.  All of their products come from, which means that their wireless security systems are produced by an equipment manufacturer that is trusted in the industry.  Their systems all allow Cannon customers to control many different settings from their mobile devices, adding convenience and ease to their home security.  No phone line or internet connection is required with this system, and they provide affordable packages for customers who are on a budget.  The mobile app comes with this system free of charge, and mobile monitoring is ideal for families who want to keep abreast of their home security when they are away or traveling.  Once the high-quality equipment is installed, Cannon is in charge of monitoring and automation services.

Cannon Security Reviews

The interactive security system that Cannon provides seems to be very popular among customers, however there are some people that say they would actually prefer a landline system instead.  Those who enjoy the cellular system like getting text messages and emails when their alarm has gone off, but others are not such cell phone aficionados and desire something more traditional.  Also, customers complain that because Cannon does not make their own equipment, if something malfunctions or goes wrong then the customer has to deal with a whole other company.  It’s one thing to have a broken part to fix, and it’s another when it’s confusing who you should contact, and how their policies differ from your security company’s.  However, for the most part, Cannon Automation Security Systems is a reputable company in Canada, and they offer the latest wireless technology to their customers.  Wireless systems are much easier and faster to install and operate, and customers certainly appreciate this as well.  Also, there are many positive reviews noting that Cannon has great customer service, and that the employees are pleasant and professional.  The prices at Cannon are incredibly reasonable considering how state of the art their equipment is.

Cannon Security Equipment

Interactive security systems come with much different equipment from traditional systems, but for the most part there are less parts and certainly no wiring.  What you get with the basic interactive package is LED touchscreen keypad, entry door contacts, motion sensors, glass-break detectors, smoke detectors, as well as the free mobile app.  It’s nice that you’re getting fire detection equipment with the basic plan, as this almost never happens with other basic packages.  Because all the equipment is made by, you can be assured of its quality, and it also uses patented Crash & Smash technology which makes it possible for your system to send emergency signals even when the equipment has been destroyed or damaged.  Installation and equipment fees begin at $149 which is very reasonable for a system of this quality.  Expect to pay just about $34.95-$49.95 a month.  This fee will vary dependent upon how many add-on features you select.

Cannon Home Security Packages

protectpsBecause they use‘s interactive security technology, each package is highly customizable, and Cannon takes pride in providing this kind of flexibility to their customers.  Pricing for your own home security package will come down to a point system.  Every add-on feature will have a certain point allotment.  When you purchase your package you’ll be given a certain maximum point limit based upon what you paid, and you can add on as much as you like until you reach this point limit.  Of course, you can always keep adding and just pay an additional fee. The flexibility of this kind of package really sets Cannon apart, and it’s something that is only possible thanks to the wireless cellular technology that they use.  Once your package is installed, a professional technician will make sure that you know all the ins and outs of your system.   For the most part, the interactive equipment is highly intuitive and very easy to use.

Cannon Security Details

            *  Up front costs start at $149 for activation, installation, and equipment

            *  Uses high quality interactive technology

            *  36 month contract agreements

            *  24 hour monitoring from the central station

            *  In business for a decade

            *  A+ rating with the BBB

            *  Serves the people of New Brunswick, Canada

 How to Contact Cannon Security


Phone: 506.672.2526