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Blue Ridge Security Solutions Overview

blueridgeBlue Ridge Security Solutions began as a subsidiary of Blue Ridge Electric Corporation, and have established themselves for over 16 years as one of the premier security companies of the Southeast.  They have over 35,000 clients with big, recognizable names like the Peace Center, Coca-Cola, Greenville County Library, as well as some museums and galleries in the area.  The members of their security and technical teams have an average of 16 years experience, and they’re all trained by Blue Ridge Security experts.  The company has earned many spots on national lists of providers, and they’re most popular for creating fully customized packages that suit the individual needs of their clients.

Blue Ridge Security Solutions Reviews

Customers have differing opinions about Blue Ridge Security Solutions.  They all seem to be pleased with the free security evaluations to prospective customers.  They provide products and equipment that comes from well known companies such as Honeywell, Bosch, Telguard, and DMP.  They also have A+ accreditation on BBB, where there have only been 2 complaints about them in the last 3 years.  They get high marks for their BlueVue24 video surveillance system.  This is a completely wireless and advanced system that includes motion sensors and digital camera with infrared technology for viewing at night.  The video sends a signal straight to the police when something is detected as a threat.  The only complaints to be found about Blue Ridge are about billing, and an occasional complaint about products.  Unfortunately, Blue Ridge does not have an ideal website that makes it clear what their prices are.  You have to contact them directly and receive an evaluation to get this information, and most customers just find this inconvenient and deceptive.  That being said, reviews for Blue Ridge do seem to be quite good for the most part.  Their technology is quite up-to-date and innovative, and they seem to be great at customizing their packages to suit their customers needs.  They also have a smart phone app that allows you to perform multiple functions in seconds.  Reviewers do continue to note that the customized care of Blue Ridge is incredibly helpful, and even though they have to wait for a consultation to understand the pricing, they are still mostly pleased with the cost.

Blue Ridge Security Solutions Equipment

Blue Ridge provides equipment from a number of different reputable manufacturers, such as Honeywell, Bosch, Telguard, and DMP.  All of this equipment is fully certified and is the latest in home security technology and innovation.  Because Blue Ridge provides such custom plans, you can definitely have a say in what kind of equipment is installed in your home.  DMP products in particular are quite amazing.  Digital Monitoring Products are known for their speed of installation and easy usage.  These high-tech products are not available direct-to-consumer, and you can only get them through a security company.  That’s why it’s nice that Blue Ridge is an authorized dealer.

Blue Ridge Security Solutions Packages

blueridgesecuritysystemsAs noted above, there are no pre-set packages with Blue Ridge.  The only way to get a package for your home is through consultation where a custom package will be designed for you.  Blue Ridge likes to use the latest security technology, and the equipment is definitely high quality.  In addition to the unique package that is created for you, there is also home automation.  Blue Ridge Total Control allows you to control your home’s lights, thermostat, appliances, locks, and much more from your mobile device.  Their smart phone app makes their Total Control package even more easy to use.  All in all, it’s possible to design a package for any sized space and no matter what your security goals might be.  Your package will come with professional installation, and technical support that will be there 24/7.  When the technician comes to install your system, he or she will make sure that you fully understand how to operate and maintain your system, as well as instruct you how to monitor your home mobiley using your computer or other device.  Customer service is very helpful on the phone when you have any questions that need to be answered.

Blue Ridge Security Solutions Details

            *  Employees have an average of 16 years experience

            *  Central Monitoring Station is UL listed and FM approved

            *  24 hour service and repair

            *  Ranked in the top 25 of National Security Providers

            *  A+ rating with BBB

            *  2013 Super Service Award recipient for Angie’s List

            *  100% American Made products

How to Contact Blue Ridge Security Solutions


Phone: 1-888-407-7233