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Bay Alarm Medical Overview

bayalarm-logoBay Alarm Medical is headquartered in California and provides medical alert services nationwide. They have been serving customers for over 60 years and have a mission to protect family health and independence.

The company offers medical alarm systems along with optional fire and smoke protection with carbon monoxide detectors as an additional service. They operate a 24/7 central monitoring station that provides response times in 45 seconds or less to assess the medical needs of their clients and get help on the way fast.

The systems work with either a phone landline, through cable lines like Comcast or Time Warner Cable, or through VIOP lines like AT&T or Verizon. The system is easy to set up and offers easy operations. The individual will wear either a pendant or a wristband at all times. If there is an emergency help is on the way with the press of a button. A live operator will communicate with the person who has activated the call. When the system is set up you will provide the call center emergency numbers of family, friends, or neighbors. The monitoring center will either call the emergency contacts or dispatch an ambulance. If there is no response from the caller, emergency services are called immediately.

The elderly or disabled can enjoy their independence as long as possible. Statistics show that a fall can end that independence. Slow emergency care can take a relatively small fall and turn it into an emergency if help is not called quickly. Medical alerts provide the solution.

Bay Alarm Medical is a preferred partner with AAA. The monitoring center is CSAA five diamond certified. They must meet strict standards and pass an annual review each year. This provides the highest level of reliability in a call center. The center also offers triple redundancy. This means if there is a failure at one center the other two centers will accept calls without any interruption. This ensures calls will be received regardless of the regional circumstances. The center also tests each home system once a week to ensure reliability. Clients are encouraged to test the system from their end at least once a month.

Bay Alarm Medical Reviews

Bay Alarm Medical has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2009. They maintain a B+ rating with the BBB. Over the last 3 years they have had 32 complaints with 20 being in the last 12 months. Of the complaints 9 have been around the product and 22 around billing and collection issues with only 1 complaint about the sales process.

This family owned business has been in operation since 2007. Customers like that there are no contracts and they can cancel the service at any time as long as the equipment is returned. The key is that a service period is selected at the time of the initial contract. Billing either monthly, quarterly or annually. The longer the period the lower the effective monthly rate. The contract is then on auto renew. So each billing period will automatically charge for the next period. The equipment must be returned before the end of the billing period as no refunds or proration is offered once the billing period has passed. This is the source for most of the complaints. So if the contract renews on January first and equipment is received on January 2nd on an annual contract the customer will be charged a full year of fees and the company is not good about working with refunds or prorating service, even in the event of a death.

Bay Alarm Medical Equipment

Bay Alarm Medical equipment consists of a monitoring station and a wristband or necklace. The systems are easy to install and can be completed in about 5 minutes. They are easy to operate once it has been set up. Customers are not charged for false alarms if they push the button by accident. The systems can operate off a landline, cable connection or VIOP lines and work up to 1000 feet from the transmitter. This allows customers to receive service outside as well as throughout the home.

Bay Alarm Medical Packages

bayalarmContracts can be arranged monthly, quarterly or annually. They auto renew for the same time period at the end of each period. Cancellation must be completed before the billing period as no proration or refunds are offered once the billing is complete. Cancellation must be done in writing and the equipment received by the warehouse before the next billing date in order to be considered cancelled. To cancel without returning the equipment must be done in writing and there is a $200 fee for the equipment.

Packages start at 21.95 for an annual contact with a landline connection. The prices range from there to $39.95 a month for a monthly billing and a GPS mobile help button. There are 9 different price levels depending on the contract term and the type of communication selected.

How to Contact Bay Alarm Medical


Phone: 877-522-9633