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Bates Security Overview

batessecurityBased security is headquartered in Lexington Kentucky and is a family owned and operated security company. They offer a local customer service center and focus the business on providing the best service in the industry, not just providing a product for customer to use. The company offers services to both homes and businesses including basic security, video monitoring, fire and smoke protection, home management remote systems, medical alerts and environmental surveillance like carbon monoxide detectors and flood sensors.

The company is owned by a former Texas police officer who understands the security needs that home and businesses are seeking and strives to meet those needs in a cost effective way while providing the best possible customer service. Though their customer service base is in Kentucky and they cover the Kentucky market for residential services, they do have national contracts on the commercial side.

Bates Security has been in operation for over 30 years. They offer the Honeywell security systems and offer installation services though sub-contractors enabling them to offer service nationwide. Rather than focusing on a hard sales angle they take a more consulting sales approach to meeting customer needs and identifying the best equipment to meet the specific needs of the customer. They have an A+ rating with the BBB.

Bates Security Reviews

As with many national companies the main customer complaints center around the contracts. This regional company falls in line with many of the national companies in offering extended contracts that can go out 4 or 5 years. The contracts have auto renewal clauses, which extend the contract automatically is procedures for cancellation are not followed carefully.

As a result it is important to read the contract carefully and understand what you are signing. Once you sign the legal agreement you are bound by the terms laid out, whether you read them or not. Given that installation is outsourced, there is very little control that Bates security has over the quality of the installation. Since they also outsource service calls, these are not included in the contract. Customers should have the system tested before the installer leaves to ensure they are satisfied with the installation and service. Providing feedback to the company is the only way the company will know if the service was subpar, from a third party vendor.

The majority of the reviews are positive and Bates is quick to resolve any complaints enabling them to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. Reaching the company by phone can be a challenge as they do not appear to be well staffed, which can be a problem if customers have problems with the system. The monitoring service is different from customer service and sales support, which is completed from the home office in Lexington, KY.

Bates Security Equipment

Bates offers top of the line equipment from Honeywell. Their product line includes systems that monitor break in’s, fire and smoke protection, lock and safe protection, video monitoring, medical alerts, and environmental security like flood sensors.

There is no charge for the initial equipment or the installation, giving customers a way to secure their homes with no upfront costs. All the equipment costs are rolled into the monthly monitoring fee, which explains the long contract periods needed to recover the cost of the equipment.

The systems offer live video feeds and recorded clips that can be saved for future needs. Customers are able to take pictures and have email alerts if an alarm is triggered. With all systems customers are able to receive email or text alerts when an event occurs at the property. If video monitoring is enabled, owners can then activate a video feed to determine a course of action. The central monitoring station is immediately notified and have access to the same information and can notify police, fire or medical depending on the needs.

The Bates connect system allows customers to monitor their home remotely from anywhere that they have an internet connection. This also allows customers to monitor exterior locks, thermostats, and lights. An additional feature that Bates provides is the ability to monitor in house safes, locked cabinets and other secure areas within the home. This can prevent intruders or even children from accessing areas that are not safe for them. They also offer full lock out services including safe cracking.

Bates Security Packages

batessecurityThe company is not upfront about their monthly monitoring costs. They set up a free consultation where a sales representative comes to the customer’s home and evaluates the customer’s needs. From there a system recommendation is made and a price is determined based on what the customer wants. Monthly service charges begin at $40 a month.
No additional information could be obtained from their website or speaking directly with both customer service and sales agents. Monitoring fees were not disclosed.

How to Contact Bates Security


Phone: 800.403.9471