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Atkins Systems Overview

atkin-logoAtkins Alarm Systems, Inc. has been serving the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia area since 1983.  They pride themselves on providing a full line of security cameras and systems to meet their residential and commercial customers’ needs.  Their central station is UL listed, FM approved, and IQ certified. They offer high-quality equipment as well as a variety of different keypads, from the more traditional to the newer touch screen pads.  They also provide panic buttons, key fobs, motion sensors, and everything the customer needs to fully secure their home or business.  This company has a lot of important certifications that really make them stand out from the competition.  They are fully insured, licensed, and bonded in the state of Georgia.  Atkins is also a member of the Electronic Security Association, Georgia Electronics Life Safety and Systems, as well as the AFAA and NFPA.

Atkins Systems Reviews

There are a lot of good things to be said about Atkins over the internet.  For the most part, customers are pleased that they don’t have to get locked into a long term contract with this company.  There’s also a sense of trust instilled in Atkins’ customers because the company is so well-recognized and certified by a number of important organizations.    This lends a kind of status to Atkins that does not go unnoticed by its residential and commercial customers.  That being said, there are a few complaints about this company.  First of all, customers do not appreciate how difficult it is to navigate the Atkins website.  Because everything is online these days, it is important for a security company to have a good website that is easy to maneuver, but that’s not the case here. In fact, you have to navigate through 4 different pages just to read about the company’s home security systems.  Customers also complain that Atkins does not offer standard home security packages, which are more affordable than customized packages.  That being said, their customized packages are nice, but just be sure that you’re willing to spend the money.  You get a free home evaluation from an Atkins professional, and at that time they’ll be able to tell you what the cost of your package is going to be.

Atkins Systems Equipment

It is hard to tell from Atkins’ website what kind of equipment they use, but it seems like from customer reviews it is high quality and efficient.  That being said, there is no basic package that Atkins provides, and everything is customized.  You’ll be able to choose what equipment is right for your home, and the Atkins technician will be able to guide you to the best solutions.  They definitely provide motion sensors, keypads, key fobs, glass-breakage detectors, door/window sensors, and the like.  You can also choose between a wireless or a landline system.  This is a great option to have, as some families don’t even have a landline anymore, with the proliferation of cell phones.  So, whether you choose the more traditional system or the latest technology, Atkins will be able to install everything into your home in no time.  There’s a one year warranty on all this equipment, and you have the option of purchasing more insurance once that year is up.

Atkins Systems Home Security Packages

atkinpsYour customized home security package from Atkins will be backed by a one year warranty on all parts and labor.  You can also purchase an extended warranty after this one year of coverage is complete.  This is always a good idea, as you don’t want to be stuck with a security system that is not covered for damage or malfunction.  With a basic home security package from Atkins, you can expect to pay about $400 upfront for equipment and just about $18 a month for monitoring with a landline system.  The wireless cellular system is going to cost you an additional $195 to purchase the radio transmitter, and your monthly cost will go up as well to $27.90.  The good news with this system is that you won’t require a landline to operate it.  All in all, the prices here are pretty competitive, and it’s nice that once the equipment is installed in your home you fully own it and are not tied-down to an extra long contract.

Atkins Systems Details

*  Locally owned and operated in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia

*  In business since 1983

*  Low Voltage licenses

*  NICET certified technicians

*  Member of ESA, NFPA, and AFAA

*  Georgia Electronics Life Safety and Systems

*  No subcontractors

How to Contact Atkins Systems


Phone: 770-924-2400