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Arkansas Security Overview

Arkansas-Security-logoABx2Arkansas Security has been in business for over 15 years, and prides themselves on providing high quality security solutions for their residential and commercial customers.  They serve a large number of cities across Arkansas, as well as a handful of cities in Missouri.  They’ve been successfully serving the Northwest Arkansas area since 1995, and are completely locally owned and operated.  Because the experts at Arkansas Security know their communities so well, they’re better able to design and install security systems that meet the common needs of the region.  Over the years, the company has designed and installed thousands of custom home security systems.  They have some noteworthy business customers such as Northwest Arkansas Women’s Shelter, The Sign Factory, Lock Down Storage, Farmer’s Insurance, Auto Amigos, and Northwest Mutual.

Arkansas Security Reviews

There are a number of good reviews of Arkansas Security over the internet, and people tend to praise their low cost and lifetime warranty on all their products.  In general, cellular based systems cost just about $50-$60 for most security companies, and Arkansas’ price is lower than this average.  The complaints that are most common about this company involve their incredibly long contract length.  In fact, the length is longer than most other companies in the industry.  Because of their 5 year contract requirement, customers feel that this is just too long a commitment for them, and it seems unreasonable considering that other insurance companies average about 3 years.  Arkansas also requires full payment if this contract is prematurely cancelled.  These are the only problems that are discussed in reviews, but they’re a real deterrent to going with this company.   All in all, it is a very fine business, and they consistently get A+ ratings with the BBB, and are praised for their customer service.

Arkansas Security Equipment

Using Honeywell wireless systems in their customer’s homes, Arkansas Security makes sure that their customers only use the latest technology to protect their homes.  With your customized package from Arkansas Security, you get all the parts that you need to secure your home.  Everything is professionally installed, and reviews note that the equipment is sound and dependable.  Various parts that come in their package include the control panel, siren, key fob, 3 door/window sensors, backup battery, motion sensor, sign and stickers, and 24 hour monitoring.  All of this equipment is backed by a lifetime warranty, which is a tremendous selling point for Arkansas Security. Overall, the wireless equipment is incredibly sound.  It’s a good sign that this company is using some of the best products in the industry, and with the 24 hour monitoring to back it up it seems like a sure bet.  After professional installation, your technician will make sure that you fully understand how to operate your system.  The wireless technology from Honeywell is very intuitive and easy to understand, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of it quite quickly.

Arkansas Security Packages

nwaalarmAs mentioned, Arkansas Security uses all Honeywell wireless technology in their customer’s homes.  This is an incredibly easy system to set up, with much fewer permanent holes in your walls.  When you pay for this package, you’re basically leasing the equipment that is in use.  The starting price is $99 down and $29 a month for their basic package. Once your contract period is up, you officially own the equipment that has been installed in your home.  Should you want to control this system from your smart phone, the cost is an additional $7 per month.  Because Arkansas Security customizes their packages, you’re able to add anything to this basic system to take your home security to the next level, or address any specific requirements for your home.  They’re very helpful during your home evaluation, and they listen to your concerns and specific challenges.  Your custom plan will be laid out for you to understand, and at that time the official price of installation and monitoring will be discussed with you.  This is a great package if you’re looking to stay in the same home for a number of years to come, and desire the convenience of a wireless system.

Arkansas Security Details

  • *  Serves Northwest Arkansas
  • *  Named “Elite Advantage Top 25 for Quality” by Monitronics for 2013
  • *  Voted Best of Northwest Arkansas in 2012 by AY Magazine
  • *  Voted Best Security Alarm Company- Northwest Arkansas Times Readers’ Choice 2004-2009
  • *  Consistent A+ rating with the BBB
  • *  In business for over 15 years
  • *  Uses high quality Honeywell technology
  • *  Lifetime Warranty on all equipment

How to Contact Arkansas Security


Phone: (479) 935-9911