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Amherst Alarm Overview

amherstalarmLocated in Amherst, New York, Amherst Alarm Company has been in business since 1984 and serves Western New York for all of their alarm system needs. This locally owned security company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and takes pride in providing top level customer service along with the most up to date technology.

They hire and train all of their employees from sales to service technicians which enables them to control the quality of work provided. Training also includes time with the security manufacturing companies to ensure the technicians know everything about the product and the installation procedures. This provides a much higher level of service to customers than is typically found with larger companies.

The company also owns and operates its central monitoring services. This provides customers with the highest level of technology along with fast response times in the event of an emergency. They recommend that customers utilize the radio network for monitoring their systems. This eliminates the need for a landline phone and also eliminates reception issues found with cellular services.

Amherst Alarm provides security monitoring for both businesses and individuals. They provide both video and audio security equipment and options, along with medical alerts.

The central monitoring system is UL listed and is located in western New York. The building has controlled access as well as a high fire safe rating, which provides an additional level of security. They have a backup generator, which can provide continual operations even in the event of a natural disaster in the region the system covers.

Amherst Alarm Customer Reviews

Amherst Alarm has a great reputation in the state of New York, where they serve customers in the western part of the state. They offer top of the line technology. Customers love that they can access the system remotely enabling them to monitor their systems and arm or disarm the system from anywhere they have an internet connection. The installation and sales process is very professional and they do not have any complaints regarding the professionalism of their staff with the BBB.

The only negative from customers is that they must purchase the system upfront and that is included with the cost of installation. The benefit of this is that the ongoing monitoring costs are kept low. Service response time is very fast in the event that an alarm is triggered. While the customer service is only available during normal business hours the call monitoring system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Amherst Equipment

Amherst Alarm provides the latest technology in their home alarm systems. The basic system includes a central control panel, wireless motion sensors, and sensors on the doors and windows. Each system will be professional installed after an evaluation of the customers security needs.

Additional items that can be included in the security set up are, glass break detection, CO detectors, smoke and heat sensors, and video monitoring. They also provide temperature or flood monitoring services. If the pipes freeze or there is a leak in the water system, this can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Providing monitoring services that include these features will notify you if the home needs to be inspected due to a trigger in the water or freeze sensors. This is especially useful in second homes or vacation homes that are not occupied on a full time basis.

With the video security system, Amherst provides a bullet proof video camera that will begin recording with motion activation. This camera will identify any movement in or around the door or perimeter of the home based on the location of the cameras. It can be used to monitor activity while you are away, ensure children arrive home safely from school, or monitor elderly parents.

Also available is home management and remote monitoring. This allows homeowners to monitor their home through an internet connection. They are also able to activate locks, control lights, and remotely control the temperature of their homes. These services can reduce the home energy costs by as much as 30%.

Amherst Packaging

amherstalarmPackages start of $29.00 per month. This is provided that the customer purchase the equipment. The monitoring packages will depend on what features the customer chooses. Basic packaging services include fire and smoke monitoring and basic alarm sensors with motion detection.  Adding video detection monitoring, live streaming services and home automation are all at additional costs.

The company also provides the ability to have a panic button and two way communication for medical emergencies. This feature is particularly useful with elderly family members and can provide a way for them to remain in the home much longer than would otherwise be possible.

How to Contact Amherst Alarm


Phone: (716) 632-4600