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American Alarm Overview

american-alarm-logoFounded in 1971, American Alarm began with three engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT.  Today, American Alarm is considered New England’s largest independent security system provider.  The 24 hour monitoring and command center in Arlington, Massachusetts is staffed by trained and certified professionals who are always there for dispatch and support around the clock.  American Alarm has a very positive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, as well as over 40 years experience in high quality protection from fire, burglary, carbon monoxide, and much more.  The company prides themselves on offering their customers versatility in their packages.  There’s a choice between cellular or landline systems, and having two different equipment suppliers allows customers to decide what is right for them.  Their staff is very well trained, professional, and certified, and it’s always easy to reach a live customer service representative over the phone.  American Alarm seems to also give back to the community, which adds to their positive reputation in New England.

American Alarm Reviews

Many customers complain about the huge upfront costs of working with this security company.  Unless you have $1000 to spare, you may find it daunting to pay for the installation of an American Alarm system.  They also never have promotional packages for free or discounted systems, so you must be prepared to pay this large sum ahead of time.  This could be a major impediment for those who live on the East Coast and want quality security services, but simply can’t pay the price.  For the most part, though, reviews are very positive about this company, and they’re a great choice if you happen to live on the East Coast.  Also, you never need to buy into a service contract which is longer than one year, and this is a tremendous thing for those who think they may move.  That being said, if you do think that you’re going to move, you’re probably not going to want to spend a huge sum on equipment and installation in the first place.  Not only are the contracts very short, but it’s incredibly easy to cancel with American Alarm, which customers absolutely love.  All in all, this is a very well respected company with good certifications and a nice solid track record.  For the most part reviews are very positive with just a couple of qualms here and there.

American Alarm Equipment

American Alarm provides high quality equipment from DMP and Honeywell, so it can definitely be trusted.  Some things that will always be included in the basic package include the perimeter sensors for doors and windows, interior motion sensors, glass break sensors, keyless entry technology, as well as backing by the 24 hour security monitoring center.  American Alarm’s center just happens to be UL listed and CSAA certified.  Upon installation, the professional technician will ensure that you know how to use all the parts that have been installed, as well as the system as a whole.  This is when you can get all your questions answered about the ins and outs of your system.  You’ll have the choice between a cellular or landline system, and for the most part both of these are quite easy to use and maintain.  All equpment is backed by a terrific lifetime warranty on all the parts, so you can be sure that your security system is going to last you for a good number of years to come.  Also, you get a free annual checkup of your system to keep it in perfect running order.

American Alarm Home Security Packages

american-alarmpsAmerican Alarm prides themselves on giving their customers options when it comes to their home security packages. To begin with, you can choose between a cellular or a landline system.  Both of these will use Honeywell and DMP equipment.  The wireless system is going to cost about $800 upfront, and this comes with installation as well.  This package is just about $35 a month to monitor.  The landline system costs just about the same upfront, or perhaps a little more.  However, the landline system is $5 less expensive to monitor monthly.  All the packages that American Alarm installs are backed by a great lifetime warranty with included annual wellness inspection to make sure your equipment is up to speed.

American Alarm Details

            *  A+ rating with the BBB

            *  Uses Honeywell and DMP equipment

            *  UL listed control center

            *  CSAA certified

            *  Provides cellular or landline systems

            *  New England’s largest independent security provider

            *  Founded in 1971

How to Contact American Alarm


Phone: (800) 792.5142