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All Protection Alarm Overview

allprotectionalarm-logoAll Protection Alarm is located in Big Bear, CA and has been operating since 1969.  They have thousands of clients and have also performed thousands of successful installations for local families and homes in the area.  What makes All Protection a bit different is that they don’t lease their equipment like some other companies do.  They require that all of their customers purchase the equipment for their system upfront, and after installation, there’s a 60 month contract to be signed so that All Protection Alarm will be the sole monitor of the system.  It should be noted that if the 60 month contract is too long then there is also a 36 month contract available.  However, also take note that this will probably make your monthly charges go up a bit. This company has a highly trained staff that is very knowledge about every aspect of their security goods and services.  Response times are incredibly fast, and there seems to be a high level of customer satisfaction.

All Protection Alarm Reviews

Most of the complaints about All Protection Alarm have to do with the lengthy contract that needs to be signed.  It’s nice that there’s at least one other option besides the 60 month contract, but the monthly fee with All Protection is still a bit high on its own, not to mention the need to purchase all of the equipment upfront.  All these fees really do add up, and this seems like on inconvenience unless you’re planning on living in Big Bear for an extended amount of years, and you’d like to own your security system in full.  Not only this, but customers complain that if the contract is cancelled early, they have to pay the remaining balance in full.  This seems like a lot for any insurance company to demand, but somehow All Protection seems to do it.  All of that said, even if All Protection’s policies aren’t customer-friendly, the people who work there most certainly are.  The company gets good marks for customer service, professionalism, and quick response times.  They do serve thousands of people in the area and have a wonderful reputation in terms of performance and excellence.  Should you live in the Big Bear, CA area, then All Protection Alarm is a good choice, if you’re not too worried about money.

All Protection Alarm Equipment

As said above, whatever system you choose for All Protection to install, you’re going to have to pay for the whole thing upfront.  The good news is that they use high-quality Honeywell products in their customers homes, so at least you know you’re purchasing equipment that is going to last, and is quite innovative.  With a wireless Honeywell system with total connect for your smart phone, you’re going to get 3 door sensors, motion sensor, siren, key fob, control pad, and a couple of other extras in there as well.  The upfront cost for all of this is going to be just about $400, and then the monitoring fee is going to be close to $50 a month.  This package doesn’t even come with a warranty, so expect to pay even more on top of this monthly fee to get a good warranty on parts and equipment.

All Protection Alarm Home Security Packages

allprotectionalarmAll Protection offers a couple different basic packages to suit their customers needs.  They do allow you to choose between a wireless or a landline system, and all parts are fully installed by a trained professional who will at that time help to explain the ins and outs of the system.  Their home security packages will generally cost $400 upfront, but the package seems to be ample and everything you need is included.  There are, of course, other amenities that can be added to this basic package if you desire further protection from carbon monoxide, fire, and water damage.  For the most part, these packages are really simple to install, and the Honeywell products are going to last you for quite a while.  Even though the packages are pretty expensive compared to other companies, it seems like it’s comprehensive and the service that backs it up is superb.  All Protection really has been doing this for a number of years now, and they have thousands of satisfied customers that attest to their quality.

All Protection Alarm Details

            *  Consistently high ratings with the BBB

            *  Uses high quality Honeywell equipment

            *  Equipment must be purchased upfront

            *  Serves the Big Bear, CA area

            *  In business for over 40 years

            *  Thousands of residential customers

 How to Contact All Protection Alarm


Phone: 909-866-6586