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Alarmco, Inc. Overview

alarmco-logoAlarmco, Inc. was established in 1995 in Boise, Idaho.  They began servicing local homes and businesses and quickly expended into the design/build space for large commercial clients requiring Technically Integrated Systems and Remote Connectivity Solutions.  In 2003, only 8 years after opening, Alarmco began servicing US Government contracts across the country.  In addition to their home security and alarm systems, Alarmco provides fire protection systems, CCTV monitoring, and access control systems.  In 2006, Alarmco opened its own UL and Five Diamond certified Central Monitoring Station with 24/7 monitoring.  Alarmco is yet to file for accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.  Though they are still a relatively new company, most customers in the Idaho area are pleased with the affordability, service, and customization options offered by Alarmco, Inc.

Alarmco, Inc. Reviews

There are a scant few customer testimonials online for Alarmco, Inc. residential security systems and services.  The Alarmco website does have links to several letters from commercial companies, some of which cite exceptional 24-hour monitoring and substantial savings on equipment and service compared to other companies.  Residential customers do benefit from the option of either installing their home system themself, or having a professional come to the home and install the system.  Those choosing the DIY route will incur higher startup costs, but will benefit from savings on their monthly bills.  Since it’s opening in 2006, Alarmco’s Central Monitoring Station has been providing exceptional response times and quality customer service to tens of thousands of customers across Idaho and surrounding areas.

Alarmco, Inc. Equipment

Not all of Alarmco’s products are listed on the company website, but some of their most recent and popular products are.  For example, most residential customers purchasing home intrusion systems will receive the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100, a user-friendly touchscreen panel that allows you to control all aspects of home security, surveillance cameras, Z-wave thermostats, lights, locks, and shades.  Additionally, customers can control their entire systems remotely from anywhere with a cellphone, tablet, or computer.  Alarmco uses Total Connect Video Solutions, which allows for configuration and live-streaming of up to 6 cameras throughout your home.  For more information on Alarmco, Inc. equipment offerings, customers should contact the company directly for a free evaluation of the system that will best fit their home or business.

Alarmco, Inc. Home Security Packages

alarmcopsMost residential Alarmco customers opt for the 3-year contract plan with an upfront cost of $220 for basic system installation.  This basic package includes the Lynx Touch 5100 control panel, one base station, three door/window sensors, one motion detector, one key fob, and access to 24-hour professional monitoring.  Customers can purchase Alarmco’s video surveillance package that allows for up to 6 cameras throughout your home.  They also offer bundling of fire alarms, medical emergency alerts, and other safety and security equipment.

Alarmco, Inc. Details

Customers living in Idaho should put Alarmco, Inc. at the top of their list of considerations among home security providers.  Despite having only operated for 19 years, Alarmco enjoy a loyal and steadily-growing customer base throughout the Idaho area, in addition to their growing number of government contracts and commercial contracts in Canada and Puerto Rico.  One unique aspect of Alarmco’s monitoring is that it is cell-only, meaning no landlines are used or required.  While this is advantageous for most people in today’s society, rural customers accustomed to using landlines may find it a drawback, though it does mean you won’t lose service if lines are cut or downed.  Alarmco is the only security in the company with a UL-certified monitoring station, which should give Idaho customers the peace of mind that response time is fast and reliable.

How to Contact Alarmco, Inc.


Phone: (208) 376-9731