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Alarm Zone Overview

alarmzone-logoAlarm Zone provides their customers with an affordable home security solution, with free equipment with even the most basic monitoring contract.  The downside to this, of course, is that you install the system by yourself.  However, because the GE Simon 3 system and XT monitors are designed for consumer installation, there’s isn’t a tremendous amount of complex wiring to deal with.  Monitoring for the self-installed system is performed by Protect America Inc., which is a large, national company that can service most regions in the nation.  For the most part, Alarm Zone is simply a system provider, and not a full security company that offers a lot of services.  There are no credentials mentioned on their website, and no rating with the BBB.  Alarm Zone says that they have been in business for over 20 years.   For the most part, the company is unique in the sense that they give you a tremendous amount of freedom with your system.  You install it, and can take it anywhere you go.  There’s no mention of what happens if the equipment needs repair or servicing, so that’s something that needs to be discussed with a customer service representative over the phone.

Alarm Zone Reviews

Customers give Alarm Zone some nice reviews because their prices are so low, however there is so little information on their website that it makes it inconvenient and a little suspect.  Monitoring is actually done by a separate company known as Protect America Inc.  Nowhere on the website does it mention where this monitoring occurs or how many employees work there.  There is also no information on the website about how to install the system, as well as no FAQ page to help answer a number of common questions.  To receive customer support the only choice is a phone call.  Customers complain that there’s simply not enough information here to give confidence to someone who has no knowledge of home security systems, let alone how to install one.  Customers do note that the money saved on using Alarm Zone is a huge bonus, but even the Premier package is lacking in some standard features that come with any other security system.  There is no smartphone app that comes with the system, which allows the homeowner to monitor their alarm control, home automation, and carbon monoxide sensors.  This is something that almost every other home automation system will come included with, however it’s lacking in the Alarm Zone system.  Customers also complain about the automatic roll-over of their contracts.  This automatic renewal often leads to unwanted credit card bills.

Alarm Zone Equipment

The good news about installing your own equipment is that it gives you the flexibility to take it with you when you move, and the GE Simon 3 system allows you to operate it wirelessly or using your landline.  The flexibility is nice, but installing your own system could possibly be a challenge.  Alarm Zone provides a lot of different equipment to choose from, such as door alarms, smoke detectors, GPS trackers, and security cameras.  Other parts include the Simon XT keypad, control panel, motion sensor, garage sensor, freeze sensor, flood sensor, and much more.  When getting your equipment from Alarm Zone, you have the ability to customize what you include in your home security package.  For the most part, GE equipment is built really well and comes highly trusted.

Alarm Zone Home Security Packages

alarmzoneThe Alarm Zone packages are incredibly flexible, and can be set up using your phone, broadband, or cellularly.  Because you install all the equipment yourself, it’s easy to relocate your system when you move.  You can also add additional sensors for your doors and windows if the number provided in the basic package are not enough.  That being said, there isn’t a tremendous amount of information on the company’s website about exactly what is included in the basic package.  Alarm Zone only provides a phone number so that the customer is forced to speak to a service representative over the phone.  However, it does seem like the packages that Alarm Zone provides are comprehensive, and suitable to the average home.  There are very few wires in this system, so installation should be pretty straightforward for the most part.

Alarm Zone Details

*  In business for over 20 years

*  Self-installed security systems

*  Provides GE Simon 3

*  Monitoring by Protect America Inc.

*  System can be operated using landline or cellular connection

*  Fully customizable packages

*  GPS trackers and security cameras available

 How to Contact Alarm Zone


Phone: 855-209-5745