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Alarm Grid Overview

alarmgridAlarm Grid is a very different kind of security system. It is built with the “Do It Yourself” installer in mind. With Alarm Grid there is no long term contract and no expensive service calls. Customers purchase the devices that they wish to have and then choose a level of monitoring that will meet their needs and offer the peace of mind they are looking for.

The company services customers across the United States and offers videos and installation instructions that are easy for the average person to follow. They also provide phone support to answer questions that might come up during the installation and programming of the system. This allows the company to offer more services to a larger audience, at a lower cost, because they don’t need to maintain service providers in each region of the country.

The company partners with Honeywell security products which provides top of the line equipment at excellent prices, enabling the customer to select the system features that will be most benefit for their home. They also offer the Z-Wave wireless devices which enable customers to remotely monitor their home, and operate their locks, lights, appliances and HVAC systems from any electronic device like a smartphone or laptop. The customer then has remote access from anywhere in the world.

Alarm Grid Customer Reviews

Customers rate Alarm Grid high on two main fronts. The first is the monitoring system. The company offers a centralized monitoring system that has three UL listed central stations located in New Jersey, Florida and California. They also partner with Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS) to respond to emergencies on a local level. They have top notch backup systems that are available in the event of major natural disasters or widespread emergencies like Hurricane Sandy.

The second area customer’s love is their phone support. Alarm Grid will walk customers through system set up, programming and other system questions to get their monitoring system up and running. This support is invaluable when they require the customer to self-install a potentially complicated system. The phone support receives raves from customers.

With no long term contracts to deal with, customers have very few complaints about the product that Alarm Guard offers. The company has found a way to create a large base of satisfied customers, even though the customer is required to install and service their own systems. Customers actually love the DIY aspect because it saves them so much in the lack of service call fees and they also get the benefit of a less expensive monitoring service with all of the bells and whistles the large full service companies’ offer.

Alarm Grid Equipment

Customers have a choice of selecting a complete A La Carte menu which ranges from control panels, keypads, window and door sensors, fire and smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, panic buttons for medical emergencies, video surveillance and so on.

The other option is to select an equipment package that will provide all of the elements of the monitoring system at the level you require. These packages are available as wired systems using a landline phone, wireless systems, internet systems, cellular based systems and dual path security systems.

Wireless systems begin at $300 for a basic package and are among their most popular with customers. The least expensive package is a wired system using a landline phone for $215.99. The most expensive system is a dual path system with 4G Wi-Fi for $666.99.

The downside of the Alarm Grid is that you have a large upfront cost to purchase the system. The upside is you are not locked into a contract ranging from 2 to 5 years, which essentially finances a system. In the end you own the system and can change monitoring services at any time. This motivates the company to provide exceptional service to keep you with the company without the contract.

Alarm Grid Packages

alarmgridMonitoring packages comes with three different options. You can select the $10 a month package, which includes break in and fire protection, email and text alerts and interactive services. Basic monitoring is $15 a month and qualifies homeowners for a discount on their insurance and adds access to the central monitoring service and detailed reporting of activity. The monitoring plus service is $20 a month and adds remote services, weather and traffic reports, email and text alerts and the total connect interactive services.

These packages are approximately half of what is charged by the full service monitoring companies. The lowest $10 rate is for self-monitoring without the central monitoring service access.

How to Contact Alarm Grid


Phone: 888-818-7728