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Alarm Force Overview

alarmforceFounded in 1988, Alarm Force is a very popular company for home security, two-way emergency response systems, as well as video surveillance.  They are most prevalent across Canada, but they’re having a growing presence in the United States as well.  They fully control all of their products, installation, and monitoring, unlike many companies that outsource some of these tasks. What really makes them unique is that they completely develop, design, and manufacture all of their products.  Also, all of their technicians only work for Alarm Force, and there are no third party monitoring centers.  Over the years they’ve been refining the technology they use to keep up with the latest innovations in the industry.  Alarm Force entered the American market in 2004 in North Carolina, and from there went on to expand into Georgia, Minnesota and Florida.  Today, they have 11 centers in the US.

Alarm Force Reviews

There are a lot of good things to be said about Alarm Force, as well as some not so good.  Their website is very easy to navigate and find everything that you’re looking for.  They’re very clear about information like the monthly costs, installations fees, cost of equipment, contract length, etc.  In fact, you can see all this information right on the homepage of their website.  That’s a bold move, and makes it much easier from customers to know right away if these services are within their budget or not.  There is also a “competitive edge” tool that you can use to actually compare the cost of Alarm Force services with other companies.  Customers appreciate this kind of transparency.  That being said, Alarm Force simply doesn’t provide as much equipment as their competition does.  Their standard package comes with only 2 door/window contacts, and you have to pay for more if you need more.  Once Alarm Force installs the equipment, they still own it.  The home owner who purchases the Alarm Force package does not get to claim that they own the equipment.  It’s debatable whether or not this is a problem, because there really isn’t much value to owning the equipment once it’s installed, and Alarm Force provides a full warranty on all parts, labor, and service. All in all, customers seem to really appreciate the competitive prices that this company has.  Because they essentially lease out their equipment, and don’t provide too much of it, they don’t quite compare to the top rated companies.

Alarm Force Equipment

The equipment that Alarm Force provides is good, but not as much as other companies.  Because they design and manufacture their own parts, you can’t use big brand names like GE or Honeywell when you use their services.  However, you do get a 95 decibel siren, back-up battery, motion sensor, main control unit, warning decals, 2 door contacts, keypad, and line-cut protection that notifies Alarm Force if your telephone line has been cut.  They provide a fantastic Live Two-Way voice communicator as well.  All in all, the equipment that Alarm Force provides is quite state of the art and cutting edge.  It’s pretty impressive that they do it all themselves without any outsourcing, but it also means that you don’t have any choice in what kind of equipment they use.  Also, as mentioned above, the homeowner does not own this equipment once it is installed.  Alarm Force is basically leasing it until you no longer choose to keep their services.

Alarm Force Home Security Packages

alarmforceEvery package from Alarm Force comes with their live two-way voice security program for free.  This is a great innovation that allows you to talk to a representative immediately if something is amiss.  Most companies will charge you more for this, but it is complimentary with your package from Alarm Force.  Monitoring in only $25 a month.  You can also customize your package with features like additional motion detectors, panic buttons, and smoke detectors. With the basic package, you get the full wireless system, as well as professional installation and up-keep.  The package is modest, but it seems like it would be enough for any standard sized home.  Pricing and package details are very clearly laid out on their website, and there’s always room to tailor the package to meet your unique needs.

Alarm Force Details

            *  Introduced live two-way voice security in 1991

            *  Founded in 1988

            *  Came to the US in 2004

            *  Operates in Georgia, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina

            *  Designs and manufactures their own products

            *  Secures 150,000 people across North America

How to Contact Alarm Force


Phone: 1-800-267-2001