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Advent Security Corporation Overview

advent-security-logoAdvent Security Corporation has been operating for more than 30 years on the East Coast in Bucks County, Chester Country, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Philadelphia.  They claim to be the most experienced residential and commercial security company in the region where they operate.  Their employees are trained to be service-oriented, and seem to stay with Advent for many years.  The company itself is based in Oreland, PA, which is near the Fort Washington exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  They’re completely locally owned and operated, and are easy to contact with any questions over the phone.  The Daily Intelligencer in Doylestown have named Advent Security Corp. as the Best Security Company in Bucks County and Montgomery County for five years in a row.  They’re also notes as the top 100 Alarm Companies in the US by Security Dealer Magazine.  The company has more than 7,000 customers in their area.

Advent Security Corporation Reviews

Reviews are very positive for Advent, and customers seem to appreciate that if you don’t want to sign up for a 3 year contract, Advent will be willing to work with your needs.  Over the phone, the company is said to be upfront about pricing, and will not conceal hidden costs to their customers.  This is a great feature for any security company, as it’s not uncommon to hear one story over the phone and then experience something else when it comes to actually installing and operating the system.  The biggest complaint about Advent is that they only offer a one-year warranty on their parts and services.  This means that new customers will pay for lengthy contracts and then only be covered for the equipment and services for a third of their contract.  Also, customers dislike that if they choose to cancel early they need to pay for the remaining balance of their contract.  Some insurance companies only ask for a fraction of the remaining balance, but Bulwark asks for it in full.  All in all, Bulwark is a very good company if you’re looking for coverage in the Eastern Pennsylvania area.  They are indeed family-owned and local, and they do boast of the most experience in their region.  They seem to care about their customer satisfaction and reviews are mostly positive.

Advent Security Corporation Equipment

Advent does seem to really care about the quality of their equipment, and they get all their products from manufacturers that they trust and have been working with for years.  Their equipment is said to be quite reliable, because there’s nothing worse than products that will fail you when you need them most.  The distinguished manufacturers that they work with have brand names like Bosch, Silent Knight, and DSC.  They’ve vetted these companies throughout their 30 years of experience in Pennsylvania.   The equipment also seems to be the latest technology in the industry.

Advent Home Security Packages

adventsecurityBulwark offers a number of different systems for home security.  Their interactive home solutions allow you to have a great deal of control over your system, and be able to monitor it with ease.  Each package comes with control panels and keypads to maneuver settings of the system.  They offer a variety of innovative panels to choose from, and they’re all quite easy to use.  Through a consultation, a technician helps customers to choose the control panel that is right for them.   Keypads offer a one touch “arm” and “disarm” button, as well as immediate contact with the police and fire department.  Your package will also come with perimeter door and window protection.  These sensors protect your home from the outside in.  There are also motion detectors installed within the home, and some models that they have available include Microwave, passive-infrared, dual-tech, and pet immune options.  Each package also comes with fire and carbon monoxide detection equipment.  Advent’s security monitoring station is UL listed and operates 24 hours a day.  The backup power generators ensure that the station will always be running optimally.  Some other security options to add to your package include Cellular Back Up, Glassbreak Detectors, Security Screens, Low Temperature Sensors, and Water Detectors.

Advent Security Corporation Details:

            *  Family-owned and operated in Pennsylvania for over 30 years

            *  Rated Best Security Company in Bucks County and Montgomery County by Daily Intelligencer

            *  Top 100 Alarm Companies in US by Security Dealer Magazine

            *  Works with over 7,000 customers

            *  50% of employees have stayed with the company over 10 years

            *  30% of employees have stayed for over 20 years

How to Contact Advent Security Corporation


Phone: 215-576-7111