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ADS Security Overview

adssecurityADS Security operates out of Nashville Tennessee and serves over 70,000 customers in 7 states. They have offices in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. They are ranked as the 26th largest security firm and are ranked in the top 100 best security companies by SDM for more than 20 consecutive years.

ADS has an award winning monitoring service which is the area where they stand out the most. They are the only company in their market to be certified by the CSAA as a five diamond monitoring service. Using the most modern technology available along with highly trained employees, they are able to respond to calls efficiently and quickly. Less than 1% of security companies earn a five diamond distinction.

With an A+ BBB rating and many regional awards, the company is focused on delivering the best product and servicing customer needs. Awards for 2013 include “Best Places to Work” award by the Nashville Business Journal. Augusta Magazine ranked them as the Best Home Security Company and the Better Business Bureau of Middle TN awarded them with the Torch Award in 2013. Every year for over 10 years they have been recognized by industry peers as an industry leader.

ADS Security offers services to both home and businesses. The services include burglar systems, fire and alarm systems as well as home control systems that provide access to customers to remotely operate home functions like door locks, thermostats, lights  and appliances.

ADS Customer Reviews

ADS Customers reviews are some of the best in the industry. The high level of professionalism and the continued service after the contracts are signed are highlights for the company. If there is a malfunction with the systems, responses are fast and courteous. The high quality systems and excellent track record with installations result in smaller than normal false alarms. When true emergencies do occur, ADS has a monitoring service that is one of the best.

The only concern customers have is when they sign a contract and then find themselves relocating out of the ADS service area, the customer is still obligated to fulfill the terms of the contract. Addressing these concerns with customer service before the move will provide the best results to determine if an exception can be made.

ADS Equipment

ADS offers a full line of equipment that will meet the needs of home users as well as businesses. They offer home security alarm systems which protect against theft and home intrusions. Also offered are wireless monitoring, touch screen keypads, remote management from your smartphone, tablet or computer. They also offer video surveillance that can be operated remotely along with emails or texts which indicate activity in the home.

Fire protection services provide smoke and heat alarms connected to the security system. These systems are designed to alert families to the fire or smoke danger early and results in lives being saved. In addition to fire alarm systems ADS also offers home monitoring services. This enables homeowners to control their lights, thermostats, appliances and locks remotely from a smartphone or other electronic device. This remote access has been shown to save up to 30% off the electric bill. The ability to lower the thermostat while the family is away and then turn it to a comfortable temperature just as the family returns significantly reduces power usage. The additional ability to control lights and appliances increases the savings.

In today’s world of remote living and the reduced number of homes with a landline, having wireless monitoring is very convenient. ADS offers monitoring services through the use of cell towers, enabling homeowners to have security and peace of mind without a landline requirement to operate the service. ADS usesEverLink Wireless monitoring to provide reliable services without the use of a phone line.

Other services they offer include video surveillance, carbon monoxide monitoring, medical alert systems with panic buttons, identity protection, pet protection, and water level and thermostat monitoring. Water level and temperature monitoring are great for vacation homes, providing addition levels of security for homes that are often vacant.

ADS Security Packages

adsADS offers $300 in free security equipment with the purchase of a security system. This enables homeowners to upgrade to other services that are of interest to them. Security systems include door and window sensors, glass breakage detection, motion sensors and more.

Installation costs are around $249 and will depend on which features you have selected. The monthly monitoring fee is around $42.95 depending on the level of monitoring required. Both of these figures are close to the industry averages in the states where ADS serves.

How to Contact ADS Security


Phone: 800-448-5852