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Ackerman Security Overview

ackermansecurityAckerman Security Systems is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was established in 1967 and has been serving customers for nearly 50 years. The company strives to create security systems based on their customers’ needs by personalizing the security system for each property. They serve the Atlanta Georgia area and Metro Washington DC.

The company has strived to make changes, keeping up with the fast paced advances in technology recently seen in the last several years. They strive to be one of the best security companies in the nation and have achieved the following recognitions:

  • 1st Company to propose Private Guard Response to residents
  • 1st Company to improve emergency locator yard symbols allowing quicker responses
  • 1st Company to make Special Response Services (SRS) available
  • 1st Company to place yard signs around the property to help prevent potential intruders
  • 1st Company to make House Call, an automated communication system available
  • 1st Company to make Radio Monitoring available in the instances where telephone lines may be cut or unresponsive.

Ackerman Security Systems goal is to make customers feel safer whether they are in their homes or away. With the increase in crime across the country, security has become a major concern for both families and businesses. Gaining peace of mind through a reliable security system is important to customers, and Ackerman Security seeks to fill that need by being the best in the industry.

Property can be secured with the use of a central control panel that will monitor doors and windows. Glass break monitoring along with fire and smoke detectors add additional layers of security. For some customers the use of video monitoring and motion protection is preferred. There is also remote access for customers to see who enters their home and what is going on regardless of where the customer is located. The remote access features also provide monitoring of locks, lights and temperature controls. Medical alerts are also available for customers needing this service.

Ackerman Security Systems Reviews

UnfortunatelyAckerman Security Systems is not known for its customer service. Customers complain that sales representatives try to sell additional, unneeded equipment without understanding how the equipment operates. Technicians may not install the cameras correctly and create a situation where false alarms are common. Customers are then charged for additional service calls. The company also does not tend to waiver from the written contract, as a result it is important to read every detail and ensure you understand what you are signing. Ackerman Sales Representatives and customer service may be difficult to reach, especially during off hours.

The best reviews center on the monitoring system and the fast response when the alarm is triggered. Overall the reviews are positive any the majority of customers renew their contracts.

Ackerman Security Systems Equipment

Ackerman Security Systems have products for residents, small businesses, and commercial locations. They offer wireless monitoring which does not need a landline to service the account. One unique feature is that customers can use existing equipment and use the monitoring service for a low monthly monitoring fee.

If equipment is needed, longer contracts are required to cover the cost of the equipment.

Residents:  wireless monitoring, motion detectors, CO detectors, remote services, glass sensors, remote controls, keypads, and fire detectors. They also offer remote access, medical emergency devices and environmental protections like carbon monoxide detectors.

Small Businesses:fire detectors, surveillance, remote services, remote controls, glass sensors, access control, and alpha keypads

Commercial: video badging system, remote video viewing & storage, CCTV surveillance systems, local 24-hour UL certified monitoring, access control, and burglary & fire systems

Starting at$18.95 a month Ackerman Security Systems can give your residence or business location the monitoring it needs using the security system you already have in place.

Ackerman Security System Packages

ackermansecurityAckerman Security Systems does not believe in packages because the company feels that everyone is different and needs different things specific to the residence or business location. Therefore, instead of offering packages, sales representatives are able to help their customers personalize and customize their security systems to work for the individual.

Ackerman does offer promotions. One recent promotion included offering customers one month free of basic monitoring with the purchase of a newAckerman Security System or switch from your previous security system provider to Ackerman.

Contracts are typical of what is found with national companies and include long contract periods and auto renewal clauses. Ackerman Security Systems are affordable and will provide you with a peace of mind by securing your business area or residence.

How to Contact Ackerman Security Systems


Phone: (770) 552-1111